Help your company grow 

"We help companies grow fast, effectively and strategically by providing consulting and outsourcing services in the key areas of product, commercial, and people development" 


"We provide cutting-edge consulting services that are flexible, practical and affordable "

01 / Start-Up Advisor 
02 /   Recruitment Services
03 / Public Policy Advisor

Strategic and hands-on approach - we help start-ups accelerate and execute their product and commercial development.



The services are also extended to the preparation of and prepare for fundraising. 


Connect your company's vacancies to our pool of recruiters.


We offer software for recruitment as well as provide external recruiters as a contractor for your company. 


We specialize in European Public Policy in the area of Sustainable Energy Economics, Sustainable Climate Policy, and Electric Mobility and Transport. 

Training and consulting in these areas are available online and in person. 


10 hours
25 hours
45 hours
1,000 Euro
2,500 Euro
3,500 Euro

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Parichat has extensive years of experience in leadership in South East Asia and Europe. 

Her specialties include the growth of digital platforms, agile & scrum, online marketing, and leadership development. 

In addition to digital, Parichat is skilled in European Public Policy in the area of Climate, Energy, and E-mobility. 

Parichat has been working with many global leading companies as well as advising start-ups in Europe. 



We help companies and start-ups grow business fast, efficiently, and sustainably by using technology, innovation, and an agile framework.    


Providing consulting service in customer terms, fully flexible, available onsite, and virtual.                                             


Our vision is to provide consulting services that are fully flexible, price transparency, available onsite, and virtual.


We combine our insights and skills to transform your processes and strategies and accelerate company growth. 



The team consists of digital expertise, a commercial leader, and a public policy advisor. We are highly skilled and experienced. 

We speak English, German, Dutch, Chinese, and Thai. 



"Every organization starts with the qualifications of its leader/management and that box is ticked off with having Mrs. Parichat in this position"

Stefan Van der Sluys, Management, Best Global Logistics, Bangkok, Thailand 

"Parichat has helped me to find new leads and channels to connect with potential new customers online and offline. Great services"


Niki Fekete, Changeazy, Amsterdam, Netherlands

"I recently worked with Parichat who organised and hosted two web workshops and my first Facebook Live session. Parichat is professional, organised and engaging to work with.


John Britain, Upskill Group, UK  

When it comes to focusing your product offering and clarifying who your audience is - and can be, Partichat's business enhancement methods not only gets to the heart of the matter, they're easy to put into practice.


G. Johnson, NLP Success by design, New York , USA



Tel: +49 162 289 7824 

Heiderweg 32

40489 Düsseldorf